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  • Cut through uncertainty and develop a greater capacity to bounce back from career setbacks, handle conflict, and overcome destructive thought patterns
  • Tap the power of courage and start taking the smart risks to maximize your opportunities in business and in life
  • Be clear about what you really want to do and who you want to become and find success and greater satisfaction
  • Overcome fear of failure and speak up with confidence and wield great influence without authority
  • Build a culture of courage for your team or business and ensure accountability while optimizing innovation and bottom-line outcomes

Given the current state of the global economy, it's easy to find reasons to hunker down, avoid risk and play safe. Many people and companies have been doing just that. But it's when fear runs most rampant that courageous action reaps the greatest rewards. Nowhere is this more important than in the work that you do and how you do it. 

In Stop Playing Safe, bestselling author, Forbes columnist, and master coach, Margie Warrell, provides a guidebook to help you reconnect to a stronger sense of purpose and unlock the power of courage in your work and life. Throughout the book are case studies and insights from trailblazing entrepreneurs and top leaders from organizations such NASA, Qantas, UN Foundation, and Ernst & Young whom Margie interviewed while writing this book. In a nutshell, this is a book for our times and one that will benefit people struggling to navigate forward in an increasingly uncertain and fearful world. 

"The focus Margie brought to our team and the valuable communication techniques she shared with us that have made such a huge difference to our team morale. It’s great to be so excited about working together again and well on our way to achieving our goals. Thank you so much Margie!!”

~Heidi Gough
| The Ginnell – Gough Group, Merrill-Lynch

In this ground-breaking book, best-selling author, media commentator and master coach, Margie Warrell shares powerful tools and techniques for overcoming fear and achieving greater success and fulfillment.

Stop Playing Safe features insights from trailblazing entrepreneurs and leaders in organisations including NASA, Ernst & Young, UN Foundation and Qantas.

Discover how to:

  • define your sense of purpose and pursue more inspiring goals
  • embrace a Courage Mindset and speak up with confidence in every situation
  • navigate uncertainty with clarity and take smart risks, not just safe ones
  • conquer fear of failure and bounce back from setbacks
  • wield stronger influence and build a culture of courage in your team or business.
  • Don't wait for success to come to you. Learn to tap the power of courage to achieve greater clarity, confidence and satisfaction at work and beyond.

Along the way she has travelled to over 60 countries, venturing to places most 
people only read about – from the Sahara Desert to the remote highlands of Papua
New Guinea; from refugee camps of the Palestinian West Bank to the 
primitive tribes of the Amazon rain forest. She has gained extraordinary wisdom
 – on fear and how to over-come it - at each stop in her journeys around the globe, 
and through her life and become a passionate believer in the and the issues plaguing our planet today.

certified master coach with a background in Fortune 500 Business and Psychology, Margie has built an international career on empowering individuals and the organizations with the strategies and inspiration they need to expand their vision, engage in bigger conversations and lead more courageously. Her client organizations include Healthcare, Shell Oil, Ernst & Young, Accenture, and AOL. She is also a guest lecturer to MBA students at Georgetown.

With her down to earth Australian humor and working mother-of-four efficiency, Margie gets to the heart of what holds people back in their business, careers,relationships, leadership and life. Warm and direct, she has become a regular media guest on national television with appearances on The FOX News, CNBC, and many others.​



An intrepid Australian, Margie Warrell is a bestselling author, coach, Forbes columnist, media personality and dynamic speaker who empowers people globally to live more courageous lives. The bestselling author of Find Your Courage (McGraw-Hill), Margie has learned a lot about courage since her childhood growing up as one of seven children on a farm in rural Australia to becoming a leading voice in the field of human potential.

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I am now more confident and equipped to confront difficult or uncomfortable situations much earlier than I would have in the past. My job is to evaluate investments for clients and this investment of time with Margie has been a home run for me.

Name withheld | Vice President
, Goldman Sachs

Margie’s coaching had a significant impact on how I engaged in my work, managed my time and approached my challenges and opportunities. I can highly recommend her professionalism, skill and integrity as a coach and leadership development expert.

June Bood
 | Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Margie provided a trusted sounding board, and provided great advice on how to build collaboration in my team, navigate some contentious issues and build my influence within my organization.”

Katherine Powers | American Airlines


Margie has an exceptional gift when it comes to helping people see things from new and more constructive perspectives, identify the barriers to success, and finding the courage and clarity to take the steps needed to achieve their true potential. When it comes to coaching, Margie is a master.

Sylvia Work
| Manager, Verizon

To thank you for ordering her book, Margie would like to share with you free registration in her Stop Playing Safe Coaching Program valued at $195.00

This 8 week program includes the Stop Playing Safe Workbook plus eight weekly video messages from Margie to help you apply the core messages in her book to achieve more success in your work and life. Get your first inspiring video from Margie tomorrow when you buy her book today and fill out the form above!
To thank you for ordering her book, Margie would like to share with you free registration in her Stop Playing Safe Coaching Program valued at $195.00

This 8 week program includes the Stop Playing Safe Workbook plus eight weekly video messages from Margie to help you apply the core messages in her book to achieve more success in your work and life. Get your first inspiring video from Margie tomorrow when you buy her book today and fill out the form to the left!
Jenifer Madson 
Excerpt from Living The Promises: 
Coming to Life on the Road to Recovery

Linda Barnett-Johnson
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